Home        Shack       Antennas       Marítime Mobile       Propagation        Gallery       QSL info AO8HQ in 2009 IARU HF Contest AO8HQ is the highest score entrant in the 2009 IARU HF Championship as published in QST March 2010. During that edition of the contest it was discovered that the second entrant’s log -DA0HQ- was full of cases of log-padding QSOs and other fraudulent practices. These are the reports submitted to the ARRL CC proving the unsportmanship practices: - report 1 on DA0HQ log - report 2 on DA0HQ log As a result of this scandal, the ARRL quit from adjudicating the HQ category and an international Committee was created to adjudicate that class in the future. A change of Rules is also under discussion in the IARU to avoid this happens again. PLEASE FAIR PLAY IN CONTESTING!!! From left to right: Up:  EA8CMX Mauri, EA8AH Pekka, EA8CAC Juan, RD3AF/EA8 Val, EA8ZS Manolo, EA8DP Marino Down: RZ3AZ/EA8 Alex, EA5DY Salva, EA4TX Pablo, EA5FID Juan. 40m-SSB: 3 el full size at EA8ZS 80m-CW: 2 el yagi at EA8ZS Antenna farm at EA8ZS 20m-SSB & 160 SSB at EA8CMX 20m-SSB at EA8CMX. Who said wireless? Part of the antenna farm at EA8AH View towards Europe at EA8AH EA8ZS, EA8CAC, EA5DY & EA8DP at EA8URL club station EA5DY operating 40m-SSB Click thumbnail to enlarge 80m-SSB, 20m-CW & 40m-CW at EA8AH Juan EA8CAC 3 elements vertical array for 80m towards USA at EA8AH Walls at EA8AH shack are small to hold all trophys of previous multi op contests When Murphy strikes hard, there is always a solution. Pekka EA8AH at 15m-SSB Antenna farm at EA8URL, the local section of URE in Las Palmas