Home        Shack       Antennas       Marítime Mobile       Propagation        Gallery       QSL info VHF Contesting EA5DFV Jose Miguel and his car managed the logistics. Won´t believe what a R5 could carry. EA5DFV, EA5DY (EA5DFY), and some non-ham friends dismantling the antennas. EA5DY (EA5DFY) raising the antennas: 2 x 17 elements yagis for 2m. EA5DY (EA5DFY) operating the Yaesu FT290R, which still works (...the radio, I mean). Battery and generator. CQ contest... Click thumbnail to enlarge I was 17 years old when I won my first important contest. That was back in 1983 at the EA National VHF Contest when I operated from an excellent mountaintop site close to the Mediterranean coast. I had the invaluable help of Jose EA5DFV. At that time the locator grid had only 5 characters (AY21b), phasing lines had to be done with 75 ohms TV cable due to budget limitations and the antennas and the power supply had to be borrowed. Great fun indeed.