Home        Shack       Antennas       Marítime Mobile       Propagation        Gallery       QSL info EB8AH  WORLD RECORD (claimed) M2 IN CQWPX SSB 2011 EB8AH Team 2011: From left to right Pekka EA8AH, Jose EA5DFV, Jussi-Pekka OH6RX, Salva EA5DY,  Manolo EA8ZS and Juan EA8CAC. EB8AH is the multioperator 2-transmitter team who  claims world´s highest score and world record for the 2011 CQWW DX SSB Contest. Competition was fierce among the top three players in this category, 5D5A from Morocco, D4C from Cape Verde and EB8AH from the Canaries. We had a very stimulating -certainly not suitable for cardiac patients- final race while monitoring serial numbers among the different players and taking decisions about what band to go to win this tight nose to nose final sprint. All three stations beat the previous world record and ended with close final scores: Call 160m  80m  40m  20m  15m  10m   Tot Score ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EB8AH     9 1073 1612 2016 3093 3140 10943 73,128,256 D4C     0   559 1268 2194 4001 3206 11228 70,773,967 5D5A   51   850 1793 2284 3911 1609 10498 67,492,200 It was one of the most interesting competitions we have had from EA8. Operators proudly smile at the camera after the 48 h effort: Salva EA5DY (front) and Juan EA8CAC running the pile-ups at 10m and 15 m. Click on the images to enlarge Manolo EA8ZS (left) and Pekka EA8AH (right) Stack for 15 m: 2 x 4 elements covering USA and EU. Not very high but extremely effective. Antenna farm: not very different to a field day operation. Definitely Pekka is a genius. The city of Galdar at night, with its old volcano sleeping The contest is over: time for pizza