Home        Shack       Antennas       Marítime Mobile       Propagation        Gallery       QSL info AO8A WORLD CHAMPION M/2 IN CQWW SSB 2009 AO8A Team 2009: From left to right Jaakko OH1MA, Salva EA5DY, Kari OH3RB, Juan EA8CAC, Pekka EA8AH, Jussi-Pekka OH6RX , Kari OH5XT and Manolo EA8ZS. AO8A is the multioperator-two transmitter team who achieved world´s highest score in the 2009 CQWW DX SSB Contest. Operators proudly smile at the camera after the 48 h effort: - 25 M Points, 10,985 QSO, 164 Zones, 695 Countries EA5DY Salva at Running 1. OH6RX Jussi-Pekka at Running 2. EA8AH Pekka at Running 2 and EA5DY Salva at Running 1. EA8CAC Juanillo running at 400 Q/h OH1MA Jaakko (left) searching mults, EA8AH on running 2 and  EA5DY on Running 1. Continuous “5933” on the room  did not disturb Kari´s (OH5XT) well deserved nap. The contest is over. Time to celebrate the good results. Operating room OH3RB Kari searches for new multipliers. Click on the images to enlarge