Home        Shack       Antennas       Marítime Mobile       Propagation        Gallery       QSL info gallery ED5M in the CQ160 CW of 2010 AO8HQ: WORLD WINNER HQ IN IARU HF CHAMP. 2009 AO8A: WORLD WINNER M/2 IN CQWW SSB DE 2009 EB8AH: WORLD WINNER M/M IN CQ WPX SSB 2010 SAILING IN THE ZASCANDIL VHF CONTESTING IN THE PAST CENTURY BUILDING THE TOWER AT EA5DY AM5M IN CQWW CW 2009 EF8R IN CQ WW SSB 2010 EB8AH WORLD RECORD (claimed) IN CQ WPX SSB 2011